Bukowsko Banns 1850 - 1975, Bukowsko Roman Catholic Parish, old województwo Krosno

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

The accompanying databases are indexes to the Bukowsko Roman Catholic church marriage banns covering 1850 - 1975, Volumes II - IV. I digitally photographed the three volumes of records in Bukowsko between 2006 and 2010 and I hold the copyright on the digital images of these records.

Please note that Volume I, covering records prior to 1850 have been lost. To my knowledge, it simply does not exist.

The civil version of Volume II is an almost exact duplicate of the 1890 records in the other volume II. See the Volume II (civil) page for details about these records.

If you would like digital copies of any records in these books, please contact Debbie Greenlee for information.

Volume II has much more information listed in the transcription/translation than Volumes III and IV. Volume III and Volume IV have less information listed in the transcription/translation so that we could make these records available faster.

If your family lived in another village it wouldn't hurt to check these Bukowsko Marriage Banns as there are many people from different villages found here. If your family was Greek Catholic don't ignore any Roman Catholic records, as couples often intermarried.

If you have looked at the Bukowsko Marriage records, you should look through these banns also because the two sets of records do not necessarily overlap. Also, if your ancestor lived in another village but married someone from Bukowsko, there might be marriage banns for that marriage.

Searching the banns is also a way to discover other “loves” of your ancestor. Many marriages never took place for whatever reason but the original intention of a marriage might be in the banns.

There are some question marks in these transcriptions/translations. Information is in the original record but we did not want to guess at what was written. If you request an image of the original document you can determine for yourself what is written.

Polish diacriticals were used in order to spell the names correctly and you will need to use them in your search terms.

Women’s surnames were spelled using the nominative masculine endings; -ska is -ski and -cka is -cki. So if you are looking for a woman with the surname Kowalska, search on Kowalski.

If a widow remarried, she was listed by her first married name, not her maiden name; to obtain her maiden name, look at her father’s surname in that same record (when you request the record image). If a bride is listed as a widow, check earlier records for her first marriage banns.

As a rule, widows and widowers who remarried usually did so within a few years after their spouse’s death.

Many names were listed in their diminutive form (Jędrzej instead of Andrzej) and many people were listed with their first and second names. If you search on a given name and surname and don’t find anything, you will need to change your search to just the surname.

Many of the records actually list a city and state or province in another country. Rather than spell these places incorrectly, I chose to just list the country name. So, if you see “America” or “Ukraine”, chances are the original record is more specific.

I would sincerely appreciate being notified if you find that something has been transcribed incorrectly or if you can add information to a transcription.

Thank you to Mary Ache, Larry Bell, Barbara Cozine, Jurek Ćwiąkała, Kathy Folk, Janet George, Roman Kaluzniacki, Anna Olkin, Jackson Szczyrbak, Sharon Turnas, Rob Wanenchak, John Zlotek, Jean-Claude Zytka, and Philip Semanchuk for your help in transcribing these records.

If you have any questions or corrections please contact Debbie Greenlee.

Transcription © 2013 Deborah Greenlee; no claim made to original records. Used at this website by express permission. All other rights reserved.