Komańcza Greek Catholic Births 1763 - 1781 (Powiat Sanok, Poland)

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

The file comes from the Archiwum Państwowe in Przemyśl. It consists of 112 pages, 66 of which are in old Slavonic Cyrillic and the remaining 46 use the Latin alphabet, mostly in Polish. It seems that some pages are missing and/or misplaced. Page numbers refer to the numbers written in pencil at the top of each page.

The following index shows only the baptism date and there is no information on the birth date. There are no record numbers and the house numbers appear starting with page 67. The Latin alphabet is used in a column format.

Some information is difficult to read because of the bad condition of some sections of the text or was crossed off or overwritten. In all parts of the index, elements that were not clear contain a question mark.

Comments on the Content

The name ‘Boiulka’ appears in the text in 3 different versions. It seems to me that ‘Boiutka’ used in the Latin part of the book, is just the way the priest wrote it and the proper version is ‘Boiulka’. But the Cyrillic part shows ‘Boiuwka’ (Боювка) in all places. I found a record dating from the beginning of the XX century showing the name as ‘Boiwka’.

The name ‘Popowicz’ is actually not a last name – it means that the man was a son of a priest (pop = Orthodox or Greek Catholic priest). The Greek Catholic priest (pop) during the whole period of time covered in this index was Grzegorz Komaniecki. In a few cases the index shows ‘Popowicz Komaniecki’, but in most places we get only ‘Popowicz’. In all these cases the proper last name should be ‘Komaniecki’. (It is interesting that nowadays the last name ‘Popowicz’ exists in Poland which means that most probably remote ancestors of these people were priests.)

The name ‘Sachar’ might be a first name ‘Zachary’ or a last name ‘Sachar’. In both places it appears, there is no second word to make it clear.

Starting with the column format of records, the priest crossed out the names of children who died soon after or at an early age adding most of the time the commen, ‘umarł’. All these names I marked with ‘+’.

The first names that the priest used are often diminutives the way they were used in everyday life, so I prepared a list of modern version names correlating to them.

It seems one of the records is doubled – the baptism of Ksenia the daughter of Antoni and Anastazja Komaniecki (Popowicz) is entered on 2nd of February and 23rd of March 1764. The name is the same, the parents the same, but strangely enough, the godparents are different.

Spelling – the priest was quite bad at spelling showing the same words in 2 or 3 different versions (even on the same page), so for example the word ‘żona’ (wife) was sometimes spelled ‘żonna’. In the Cyrillic part of the book, he used many abbreviations and letter omissions. Among many mistakes that did not affect the content, he made some that might obscure the important information - he used sometimes ‘ę’ instead ‘en’, so the name ‘Fenna’ from time to time was spelled ‘Fęna’. He also used in some cases ‘ą’ instead of ‘an’, so the name ‘Mankowicz’ was sometimes spelled ‘Mąkowicz’. The letter ‘l’ sometimes looks like a ‘t’. Keep that in mind while reading the index as all the first and last names here reflect exactly what the priest wrote.

Ela Sobota was the translator/indexer for these records. Ela is a member of the Bukowsko Triangle. We sincerely appreciate Ela for learning 'cyrylica starocerkiewna' in order to index these records.

If you would like information on how to obtain the image of a record, please contact Debbie Greenlee.
Date House Infant Father Mother Notes
Original record page 1
1763-Jan-01?   Wasylij Jacko Mankowicz Hanusija  
1763-Jan-07   Anna Joan Haray Nastazija  
1763-Jan---   Tatiana Wasyl Boiuwka Maryia  
Original record page 2
1763-Jan-17   Maria Fiediur Kalik? Maryia  
1763-Feb-11   Teodor Joan Kapustianik Anna  
Original record page 3
1763-Feb-22   Jewdokia Dmytro Haray Jewdokia  
1763-Apr-01   Maryia Fedor Burat Maryia  
Original record page 4
1763-Apr-03   Jurij Tymko Lenczyszyn Anna  
1763-Jun-12   Maria Michaił Szuszko Nastazija  
Original record page 5
1763-Jun-27   Jakow (Jakub) Onuszko (Onufry) Kopylec Maryia  
1764-Oct-14   Maryia Joan Chomka Nastazija  
Original record page 6
1764-May-24   Jelena Jurko Ostrowski Anna  
Original record page 7
1764-Jan-18   Joann Teodor Boiuwka Jewdokia  
1764-Feb-02   Ksenia Antosz Popowicz* Nastazjia  
1764-Feb-08   Maryia Symko Połumackanycz Maryia  
Original record page 8
1764-Feb-15   Hryhoryi Petro Mankowicz Jadwiga?  
1764-Feb-17   Maryia Wasyl Kuchyna Pelagia  
Original record page 9
1764-Feb-22   Teodor Matiej Doroszczak Maryia  
1764-Mar-23   Ksenia Antoni Popowicz* Komaniecki Nastazija repetition?
Original record page 10
1764-Apr-20   Iryna Antoch Lenczyszyn Maryia  
1765-Jan-26   Anna Jan Ostrowski Maria  
1765-Jan-30     next page missing or misplaced    
Original record page 13
    Wasylij   Tatiana Iwanikowa might be continuation of page 10?
1765-Jan-30   Stefan Wasyl Boiuwka Maryia  
1765-Feb-13   Teodor Teodor Romanik Agafia  
Original record page 14
1765-Mar-07   Joan Joan Chomka Jewdokia  
1765-Jun-10?   Tymofiej   Maria d. of Jan Szewc?  
Original record page 15
1765-Jul-24   Andriej Hryhory Mankowicz Maryia  
1765-Aug-21   Andriej Wasyl Boiuwka Jewdokia  
      Jacko Mankowicz Hanusia  
Original record page 16
1765-Oct-03   Anna Hryc Czurma Anna  
1765-Oct-03   Anna Demko Chocholik Maryia  
    Maria Prokop Teodozja page missing or misplaced
Original record page 17
1766-Jul-01   Łazar Teodor Dadyk Maryia  
1766-Jun-19   Kułyna? Joan ??? Jewdokia  
Original record page 18
1766-Oct-05   Tekla Joan Popowicz* Anna  
1766-Aug-26   Joan Joan Haraj Nastazija  
1766-Oct-23   Wasylij Mychaił Suchy Maryia  
Original record page 19
1766-Sep-17   Sofija Teodor Barna Tatianna  
1766-Oct-07   Joann Wasyl Kuchyna Pelagia  
1766-Nov--3   Michaił Jurij Ostrowski Anna  
Original record page 20
1766-???-??   Hrigorij Tymofiej Lenczyszyn Anna it seems these pages were displaced
1766-Jan?-24   Ksenia Sachar? Might be name or surname Maryia  
1766-Feb-06   Siemion Teodor Burat Maryia  
Original record page 21
1766-Mar-04   Teodor Petro Patrosz Agafia  
Original record page 22
1766-Mar-17   Maria? Hryhorij Harhaj Jewdokia  
1766-May-17   Teodor Joan Boiuwka Anna  
1767-Aug-08   Matiej Jurko Haraj Jewdokia  
Original record page 23
1767-Aug-13   Maria Ilko Mielnik Anna  
1767-Nov-11   Damian Wasyl Boiuwka Maryia  
1767-Dec-03   Kateryna Symko Połumackanicz Maria  
Original record page 24
1767-Nov-12   Maryia Teodor Romanik Agafia  
1768-Feb-27   Maria? Juri Patrosz Teodozja  
1768-Feb-07   Maria? Jakow Kapustianik Jewdokia  
Original record page 25
1768-Feb-10   Agafia Joan Hrynik (Hryniw)? Anna  
1768-Mar-16   Jewdokia Antoni Lenczyszyn Maria  
1768-Mar-18   Marianna? Mikołaj Haraj Jelena  
Original record page 26
1768-Apr-10   Maryia Symko Hryniow Maryia  
1768-Aug-14?   Maryia Petro Biełej Agafia  
Original record page 27
1768-Feb-25   Andriej Dymitrij Harhaj Jewdokia  
1768-???-??   Maria Joan Popowicz* Tatianna  
1768-Oct-07   Hryhorij Wasyl Boiuwka Jewdokia  
Original record page 28
1768-???-14   Paraskiewia Anton? Popowicz* Nastazija  
1768-Dec-06   Mikołaj Michaił Szuszko Maryia  
1769-Jan-??   Hanusia Sachar? Maryia  
Original record page 29
1769-Feb-12   Anna Stefan Patrosz Pelagia  
1769-Mar-03   Wasyl Joan Kapustianik Anna  
Original record page 30
1769-Mar-12   Teodozja Jacko Kopylec Hanusia  
1769-Mar-??   Teodor Teodor Dadik Maryia  
Original record page 31
    Maria Mikita Leonti Tatianna  
1769-May---   Iryna? Joan Haraj Nastazija  
Original record page 32
1769-May-11   Siemion Jacko Sawka Jewdokia  
1769-Jul-20   Maria Maciej Pelesz? Teodozja  
1769-Sep-08   Paraskiewia Hryńko Suchy Maryia  
Original record page 33
1769-Sep-10   Jan Wasyl Kuchyna Pelagia  
1769-Nov-08   Sofia Hryc Haraj Jewdokia  
1769-Nov-22   Maria Wasyl Połumackany Maryia  
1769-Nov-21   Maria Aleksiej Mankowicz Anna  
Original record page 34
1769-Nov-22   Agafia Symko Hrynik Maryia  
1769-Nov-30   Andriej Michaił Pankowicz Maryia  
Original record page 35
1770-Jan-14   Petro Tymko Kuchyna Maria  
1770-Jan-26   Maryia Hryc Danczyszyn Maria  
Original record page 36
1770-Feb-09   Maria Wasylij Boiulka Maryia  
1770-Mar-02   Teodor Tymko Lenczyszyn Anna  
Original record page 37
1770-Mar-14   Joan Joan Popoiwicz* Anna?  
1770-Mar-21   Jewdokia Petro Patrosz Agafia  
1770-Mar-12?   Hryhorij Demko Chocholik Teodozja  
Original record page 38
1770-May-29   Jurij Petro Mankowicz Teresa?  
1770-May-21   Joan   Maryia (foster child?) Bielej  
1770-Aug-15   Matfiej Cygan? Anna  
Original record page 39
1770-Sep-13   Teodozja?   Tatiana  
1770-Oct-08   Joan   Maryia  
1770-Jul-24   Joan Stefan Popowicz* Jewdokia  
1770-----19   Maryia Hryc Połumackanycz Anna  
Original record page 40
1770-Dec-04   Anna Michaił Szuszko Maryia  
1771-Mar-02   Maryia Mikołaj Haraj Jelena  
Original record page 41
1771-Apr-04   Stefan Wasyl Patrosz Maryia  
1771-Jul-25   Anna Jurko Myciów? Maryia  
Original record page 42
1771-Aug-16   Jewdokia Hryc Kantuliak? Katerina  
1771-Aug-20?   Maria Teodor Romanik Teodozja  
Original record page 43
1771-Oct-05   Joan Wasyl Boiulka Jewdokia  
1771-Oct-05   Fruzyna? Teodor Boiulka Teodozja  
1772-Feb-03   Tatiana Dmytro? Gaj? Jewdokia  
Original record page 44
1772-Feb-05   F Lesio Mikita Tatianna  
1772-Feb-05   Maryia Joan Kapustianik Anna  
1772-Feb-15   Symeon Wasyl Kuchyna Pelagia  
1772-Feb-22   Maryia Symko Hrynio Maryia  
Original record page 45
1772-May-04   Maryia Joan Haraj Nastazija  
1772-Jul-05   M      
1772-Sep-02   Iwan? Hryc Chomka Teodozja  
Original record page 46
1772-Aug-05   F Joan Franczak? Tatianna  
    Jelena Mikołaj Haraj Jelena  
Original record page 47
1772-Sep-12   Damian? Andriej Haraj Maryia  
1772-Nov-05   M Jacko Kopylec Hanusia  
Original record page 48
1772-Dec-04   Warwara Wasyl Fecków? Maryia  
1772-Dec-05   Stefan Fecko Kapustianik Maryia  
1773-Feb---   F Michaił Szuszko Maryia  
Original record page 49
1773-Feb-24   Marianna Stefan Komaniecki (pop’s son) Jewdokia  
1773-Mar-23   Jewdokia Maciej Pelesz? Teodozja  
1773- --- - --   Siemion Stefan Haraj Anna  
Original record page 50
1773-Jul-22   Maryia Teodor Szuszko Anna  
1773-Nov?-01   Hrihory Jacko Chomka Jewdokia  
Original record page 51
1773-Dec-01   Maria Joan Wasejków? Maryia  
1774-Jan-21   Tymofiej Tymko Lenczyszyn Anna  
1774-Feb-08   F Jurko Ilczoszyn? Anna  
Original record page 52
1774-Apr-23   Jurij Joan Popowicz* Anna  
1774-Nov-09   Nastazija Wasyl Feciów? Jewka  
1774-Nov-10   Joan Jacko Sawka Jewdokia  
Original record page 53
1774-Dec-30   Anna Fecko Romanik Teodozja  
1775-Jan-25   Anna Hryc Szuszko Maryia  
Original record page 54
1775-Feb-03   Agafia Wasyl Połumackanycz Maryia  
1775-Feb-11   M Andriej Haraj Maryia  
1775-Feb-06   Wasylij Jurko Tycew? Tyciew? Maryia  
Original record page 55
1775-Feb-09   Joan Joan Boiulka Maryia  
1775-Feb-12   Teodor Antoch Lenczyszyn Maryia  
1775-Mar-01   Wasyl Petro Bielej Agafia  
Original record page 56
1775-Mar-15   Joan Mychaiło Szuszko Maria  
1775-Mar-12   Jelena Joan Wasienków? Maryia  
Original record page 57
1775-Apr-12   Wasylij Wasyl Kuchyna Pelagia  
1775-Apr-26   F Hryc Kantoliak Katerina  
1775-May-03   Magdalena Andriej Cygan Maryia  
Original record page 58
1775-May-23   F Teodor Szuszko Anna  
1775-Jun-13   Marianna Jan Boiulka Anna  
1775-Jul-03   Antoni Jacko Haraj Hanusia  
1775-Oct-18   Anna Wasyl Patrosz Maria  
Original record page 59
1775-Oct-23   Hryhorij Lesio? Hricenko? Anna  
1775-Oct-16   Hryhor Joan Hrynio Anna  
1775-Oct-23   Fruzyna Hryc Chomka Teodozja  
Original record page 60
1775-Dec-09   Anna Mikołaj Haraj Jelena  
    Marianna? Prokop Chomka Maryia  
1776-Jan-17   Tatiana Joan Połumackanycz? Maryia  
1776-Jan-30         page missing?
Original record page 67
1776-Jan-01? 38 Anna Wasyl Patrosz Maria  
Original record page 68
1776-Jan-07 60 Ignatiy Jacko Rusinczak Hanuska Haraj  
1776-Jan-15 68 Nastasja Jurko Suszko Anna Czura  
Original record page 69
1776-Jan-19 23 Tatianna Jacko Homka Ewdokia  
1776-Jan-22 24 Piotr+ Iwan Mankowicz Maria  
Original record page 70
1776-Feb-19 8 Teodor Fedor Kapustianyk Maria  
1776-Feb-26 5 Teodor Mychaił Szuszko Maryia  
Original record page 71
1776-Jun-06 3 Elena Wasyl Boiutka Ewdokia  
1776-Jun-28 71 Fenna+ Mikita Dziurdzia Ewdokia  
1776-Sep-07 13 Maria+ Petro Dadik Elena  
Original record page 72
1776-Sep-26 10 Iwan Iwan Kapustianik Maria  
1776-Oct-18 68 Tekla Iwan Boiulka Anna  
1776-Oct-27 15 Stefan Wasyl Kuchyna Pelagia  
1776-Oct-28 31 Maryia+ Iwan Połumackanik Maria  
Original record page 73
1776-Nov-02 64 Peraska Andri Harhaj Maria  
1776-Nov-06 45 Dmitro Tymko Lencziszyn Anna  
1776-Dec-12 71 Maria Wasyl Boiulka Maria  
Original record page 74
1776; 1778
1776-Dec-17 5 Hryc Fecio Suszko Anna  
1776-Dec-21 68 Hryhory+ Fedor Boiulka Fęna  
1776-Dec-27 54 Stefan Fedor Stańczak Hala  
1778-Jan-14 24 Iwan+ Iwan Kopylec Maria  
Original record page 75
1778-Apr-16 7 Wojciech+ Jan Ziembicki Marcisia (Marcelina?)  
1778-Mar-25 51 Wasyl Stefan Komaniecki Popowicz Ewka  
1778-Sep-12 19 Maryia Hryc Chomka Fęna  
Original record page 76
1778-Sep-05 49 Maryia Jan Popowycz Komaniecky Anna  
1778-Oct-07 5 Paraska Hryc Susko mąkowycz Maryia  
1778-Dec-23 20 Anna Lesio Xryziękuw? Ksryzękuw? Anna  
Original record page 77
1779-Jan-07 29 Nastazyia Hryc Kątoliak Katerina  
Original record page 78
1779-Jan-07 15 Iwan Tymko Pankowycz Maryszka  
1779-Jan-29 47 Hrehory Matij Pełesz Fenna  
1779-Jan-29 30 Wasyl Iwan Hrynio Anna  
Original record page 79
1779-Jan-29 46 Hryhory Hryc Prystasz? Praska Antoszkowa  
1779-Feb-08 50   Jurko Iłczoszyn Prystasz Anna  
1779-Mar-06 60 Wasyl Iwan Haray Nastazyja  
Original record page 80
1779-Mar-14 54 Maryia Matij Czopyk Maryia  
1779-May-09 5 Mykołaj Mychał Suszko Maryia  
1779-Jul-04 22 Maryia Iwan Chomka Anna  
1779-Aug-05 7 Maryia Jan Zenbicki Marcisia (Marcelina?)  
Original record page 81
1779-Oct-01? 35 Hryc Fedor Romanik Fenna  
1779-Oct-27 21 Paraska Jurko Jaceykow? Fenna  
1779-Nov-14 42 Teodozja Mykołaj Haray Olena (Helena)  
Original record page 82
1779-Nov-03 62 Mychał Iwan Uram Nastazyia  
1779-Nov-02 14 Nastazyia Danko (Iwana Feciowa?) Hancia Feciuw?  
1779-Jan-26 3 Oryst? Wasyl Feciuw Iewdokyia wrong year? 1779 is double!
1779-Jan-27 55 Marya   Fenna Stańczak  
Original record page 83
1779-Dec-26 60 Hanusyia Jacko Hanusyia Haraj all dates mixed up
1779-Dec-28 38 Hanusyia Wasyl Patrosz Maryia  
1779-Jan-10 64 Hryc Andryi Haray Maryia  
1779-Dec-01? 71 Iwan Jan Haray Fena  
Original record page 84
1780?-Dec-28 10 Wasyl Iwan Kapustianyk Maryia all dates mixed up
1780-Jan?-04 65 Teodor Stefan Haray Ana  
1779?-Mar-14 20 Olexey Wasyl Boiulka Maryia  
1780-Oct-17 33 Andryi Matij? Cygan Hala  
Original record page 85
1780-Apr-27 73 Pelagia Iłko Metnyk (Melnyk) Maryia Radio?  
1780-May-01 46 Teodor Hrycz Patrosz Paraska  
1780-Aug-09 31 Matfiey Iwan Połumaczkanycz Maryia  
1780-Aug-10 51 Maryia Stefan Popowycz * Jewdokyia  
Original record page 86
1780-Nov-08 17 Hrehory Jacko Prokopowy Hala  
1780-Nov-12 5 Nastazyia Hryc Suszko Maryia  
1780-Nov-12 5 Iwan? Fecio Suszko Ana  
Original record page 87
1780-Nov-18 54 Hryc Fedor Mykyta Hala  
1780-Nov-22 23 Petro Jacko Ywąkow (Iwankow) Jewka  
1780-Nov-22 29 Hryc Jacko Katoliak Maryia  
1780-Nov-29 13 Kateryna Petro Dadyk Ołenna  
Original record page 88
1780-Nov-20 62 Hryc Iwan Uram Nastazyja  
1780-Dec-08 40 Anna Iwan Prystasz Nastazyja  
1780-Dec-27 15 Maryja Wasyl Kuchyna Pelahyja  
Original record page 89
1781-Mar-23 34 Maryia+ Hnat Czopyk Anna  
1781-Apr-06 4 Maryia Łesio Iwączikow? (Iwanczikow) Hala  
1781-May-21 15 Jelena Tymko Pącziszyn (Pancziszyn) Maryia  
1781-Oct-08 44 Jacko Mychał Mąkowycz (Mankowicz) Nastazyja  
1781-Oct-05 46 Paraska Hryc Antoszkuw Paraska  
Original record page 90
1781-Oct-24 47 Fęna Matyi Pelesz Fęna  
1781-Nov-10   Maryia Hryc Szarak Maryia  
Komańcza Greek Catholic Births 1763 - 1781

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