Komańcza Greek Catholic Marriages 1763 - 1781 (Powiat Sanok, Poland)

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

The file comes from the Archiwum Państwowe in Przemyśl. It consists of 112 pages, 66 of which are in old Slavonic Cyrillic and the remaining 46 use the Latin alphabet, mostly in Polish. It seems that some pages are missing and/or misplaced. Page numbers refer to the numbers written in pencil at the top of each page.

There are no record numbers and the house numbers appear starting with page 67. The Latin alphabet is used in a column format.

Some information is difficult to read because of the bad condition of some sections of the text or was crossed off or overwritten. In all parts of the index, elements that were not clear contain a question mark.

The first names that the priest used are often diminutives the way they were used in everyday life, so I prepared a list of modern version names correlating to them.

There are a few Roman Catholics listed in the marriages.

For more information about this book please read the introduction to the Komańcza birth records from the same book on this web site.

Ela Sobota was the translator/indexer for these records. Ela is a member of the Bukowsko Triangle. We sincerely appreciate Ela for learning 'cyrylica starocerkiewna' in order to index these records.

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Record Date House Groom Bride
Name Age S/W Name Age S/W
Original Record Page 11
  1764-Jan-26   Iwan Głupyguski?     Maria Kapustianik   S
  1764-Feb-01?   Wasyl Patrosz     Maria Kusznierek?   S
  1764-Oct-10?   Hnat Łażorik?     Anna Stanczak   S
Original Record Page 61
  1765-Jan-17?   Symeon Kresyna?     Maria Szewc?   S
  1765-Jan- --   Andrzej Kowycz(ch?)     Irena Patrosz   S
  1765-May-08   Leontyn Semanow?     Anna Romanik   S
Original Record Page 62
  1765-May-29   Wasyl     Maria Czyżow?   S
Original Record Page 63
  1766-Oct-23   Łukasz Semanow     Teodozja Błyszczak   S
  1766-Oct-23   Andrzej Kogut?     Maria Konik?   S
Original Record Page 64
  1766-Oct-29   Leontyn Makowicz     Anna Boiulka   S
      Tymofiej Kuchyna     Maria Szewc?   S
Original Record Page 65
1767 - 1768
  1767-Feb-05   Leontyn Burian?     Maria Patrosz   S
  1768-Oct-20   Wasyl Połumackanycz     Anna Chomka   S
  1768-Nov-02   Hrihorij Połumackanycz     Anna Łodyński   S
Original Record Page 66
1768 - 1769
  1768-Nov-03   Michał Danczyszyn     Tatiana Chomka   S
  1769-Feb-01   Iwan Fudasz     Helena Kuszniereska   S
Original Record Page 91
  1776-Oct-30 52 Stefan Samboryna (pop’s son)   S Marianna Komaniecka   S
  1776-Nov-07 28 Stefan Czurma   S Eudokia Połumaczkanicz   S
Original Record Page 92
1776 - 1777
  1776-Nov-07 67 Iwan Wołosacki   S Maria Panimaczak?   S
  1777-Jan-16 24 Fedor Ochnycz   W Maria Kopylec (neé Barna   W
Original Record Page 93
  1777-Feb-13 14 Daniel Boiutka   S Anna Wolański   S
  1777-Oct-23 73 Hryc Iriszczun? Triszczun?   W Maria Chomka   S
  1777-Oct-29 27 Jacko maksym   S Irena Kuchyna   S
Original Record Page 94
  1777-Oct-30 49 Stefan Prystasz   S Anna Komaniecki   S
  1777-Nov-07 58 Ilko Dancziszyn   S Maria Czura   S
  1777-Nov-07 62 Petro Bełej   S Anna Burianik   S
Original Record Page 95
  1778-Feb-04 52 Jacko Slimak   W Ewa Eredio? Radio?   W
  1778-Feb-05 41 Iwan Krisa   S Pazia Patrosz   S
  1778-Feb-05 12 Wasyl Smolnicki   S Fenna Barna   S
Original Record Page 96
  1778-May-06 23 Andrij Chomka   S Maria Dadio   S
  1778-May-22 33 Iwan Łuckow?   S Anna Niemiec?   S
  1778-May-22 9 Fedor Wasylenko   S Maria Chocholiak   S
Original Record Page 97
  1778-May-22 15 Petro Semak   S Hanna Kuchyna   S
  1778-May-22 14 Iwan Wacholowski   S Maria Boiulka   S
  1778-May-27 17 Mikita Dysak   S Anna Chomka   S
Original Record Page 98
  1778-May-27 30 Iwan Mackow   S Maria Hrynio   S
  1778-May-27 61? Dańko Gońcow   S Ołena Buran?   S
  1778-May-27 2 Prokop Łukaczik   S Ołena Bouilka   S
Original Record Page 99
  1778-Jun-03 53 Mati Czopik   S Maria Bira?   S
  1778-Nov-11 43 Łukasz Łodenski   S Anna Czurma   S
  1779?-Feb-27 10 Hryc Maykowycz   S Maria Kapustianyk   S
Original Record Page 100
  1780-Feb-16 44 Mychayło Mankowycz   S Anastazja Bełej   S
  1780-Feb-16 62 Hryc Czyryk   S Maria Burian   S
Original Record Page 101
  1780-Jun-07 13 Hryc Dadio   S Teodozja Kopylec   S
  1780-Jun-08 34 Hnat Ciapyk (Czopik?)   S Anna Patrosz   S
  1780-Nov-15? 30 Iwan Mysnyk   S Maria Hrynio   S
Komańcza Greek Catholic Marriages 1763 - 1781

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