Nagórzany Births, Marriages, and Deaths 1898 - 1945, Nagórzany Poland

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

Volume 11 (eleven) is the only birth, marriage and death record book for Nagórzany available at this time for indexing.

The first page in the birth section is page number 33. Clearly there were 32 pages previous to this but I do not know where they are. It is possible the records on page 32 are not even for Nagórzany.

The first page in the marriage section is page number 1 (one) but I numbered the pages for marriages arbitrarily because the actual page numbers could not be read. There were illegible.

The first page in the death section of this book/volume is number 45.

The civil record books for the villages other than Bukowsko were rebound. I suspect that when this happened pages were removed from one, two, or three books (births, marriages, deaths) and separated by village instead of by the event.

Thank you to Sharon Turnas for transcribing/indexing all of these volumes.

If you would like information on obtaining copies of the original image of a record, please contact Debbie Greenlee.

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