Introduction to the Bukowsko Spis Parafialny

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The Spis Parafialny (Status Animarum in Latin) is the Roman Catholic church’s record of parishioners in a given parish. The priest visits each home annually and records the people living in each home, updating information (births, deaths, marriages). This is done to make sure parishioners have satisfied their religious requirements, for the priest to bless the house and to accept donations. The spis is not seen as a bonafide legal document as the information is based on memory and it is never verified against church or civil records. However, in the absence of church or civil records the Spis can certainly be used to glean information such as other family members, spouses, births, deaths, marriages, emigration, and so on.

The Bukowsko Roman Catholic parish has two spis books. No other Bukowsko Triangle villages have spis books that I'm aware of, but I don't know that anyone has looked for them, either.

Bukowsko Spis Volume 1

The entries from the earliest decades are not dated, so it's impossible to say when the spis began although it seems likely that it was in the late 1700s. The earliest date in the book is 1765. Volume 1 is 463 pages long and ends in the mid-late 1890s when volume 2 takes over.

Bukowsko residents are covered, along with special sections for the mill (młyn), prison (więzienie), and folwark. In addition, Roman Catholic residents of 26 villages are included -- Balnica, Bełchówka, Darów, Kamienne, Komańcza, Kulaszne, Łupków, Maków, Maniów, Osławica, Płonna, Prełuki, Przybyszów, Radoszyce, Rzepedź, Smolnik, Solinka, Szczawne, Tokarnia, Turzańsk, Wisłok, Wola Michowa, Wola Piotrowa, Wolica, Wysoczany, and Zboiska. (Karlików and Ratnawica do not appear in this volume.) The earliest date found in these 26 village records is 1838 and the most recent date is 1897.

Volume 1 also includes a list of empty buildings, a list of buildings and their condition, an incomplete index of surnames (with house #s) that ends at the letter "J", and a second index of surnames that covers the whole alphabet.

Bukowsko Spis Volume 2

Around 1897, the priest began volume 2 by coping a lot of information from volume 1. Bukowsko Roman Catholic residents are covered, along with residents of 14 villages -- Bełchówka, Kamienne, Karlików, Kożuszne, Płonna, Przybyszów, Ratnawica, Szczawne, Tokarnia, Wisłok, Wola Piotrowa, Wolica, Wysoczany, and Zboiska.

Volume 2 also includes a list of residents who converted from Greek Catholic to Roman Catholic, a list of Greek Catholic to Roman Catholic marriage dispensations, a list of home addresses of Bukowsko residents at the end of the 18th century. It's over 1000 pages long.

Spis Contents on this Web Site

All portions of both volumes have been surname indexed, and in some cases transcribed. Those indexes and transcriptions are available on this site.