Nadolany Marriages 1786 - 1894, powiat Sanok, old województwo Krosno

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

There are three sets of church marriage records and one book of civil marriage records here.

Church Marriages

Civil Marriages

Much more information can be gleaned from the original records than is presented in this index. If you would like a copy of the original record please contact Debbie Greenlee.

Women’s surnames were spelled using the nominative masculine endings; -ska is -ski and -cka is -cki. So if you are looking for a woman with the surname Kowalska, search on Kowalski.

If a widow remarried, she was listed by her first married name, not her maiden name; to obtain her maiden name, look at her father’s surname in that same record (when you request the record image). If a bride is listed as a widow, you will need to check earlier records for her first marriage.

Not everyone who married was from the village of Nadolany and the house numbers may not be in Nadolany. You will need to request the original document from me in order to determine the actual village.

Thank you to Janet George, Sharon Turnas, Mary Ache, Barbara Cozine and Carol Prorok for their help in transcribing these records.

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