Nowotaniec Baptisms 1786 - 1946, Nowotaniec Roman Catholic Parish, old województwo Krosno

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

As you can see there are no gaps in these records.

Though I have images of the actual records, I was not the photographer. Consequently some pages are blurry and difficult to read. We did our best to index them.

In 99.9% of these baptisms the priest did not list a specific village of birth though he did list a house number. We took this to mean that the infant was born in Nowotaniec, however, this may not be the case. More research on your part would be necessary to figure this out.

In many cases the priest indicated the death or the marriage of the person, even listing the location (even if it occurred in other countries).

Keep in mind that surname spellings did not settle down until the late 1800s so you may have to be creative when you search for a name and you may have to use diacritical marks. Even the diacritical marks changed through the years. For example:
Kozma → Kożma → Koźma
Yaroszewski → Jaroszewski

One priest seemed to have trouble with the female given names Feliksa and Felicja. He interchanged them quite regularly so if you can't find your ancestor under Feliksa, try Felicja and vice versa.

In the later records, middle names were given. We listed the given name and the middle name in these cases. This means if you search on only a given name and surname, the person you are looking for may not show-up. You either have to know the middle name (not many of us have this information) or search on the parents' names to locate all the children born to them. However, in Volume V, 1900 - 1946, the priest also included the middle names of the fathers and mothers, just to make it more difficult for us.

In Volume V, 1900 - 1946, the priest couldn't decide if the surname was Gagalek or Gagalko. He used both for the same family.

If you browse through specific years and can't find someone, try searching. It was common for priests to include baptisms from previous years in a later year's records.

Thank you to Larry Bell and Sharon Turnas for translating/indexing these books.

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