Nowotaniec Deaths 1786 – 1945, Nowotaniec Roman Catholic Parish, old województwo Krosno

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

There are gaps in the records between 1854 – 1869. I do not think these records exist.

Though I have images of the actual records, I was not the photographer. Consequently some pages are blurry and difficult to read. We did our best to index them.

The priests did not assign record numbers until Volume IV. If you order records from the other volumes please give enough information to make it easier to find them.

Keep in mind that surname spellings did not settle down until the late 1800s so you may have to be creative when you search for a name and you may have to use diacritical marks. Even the diacritical marks changed through the years. For example:
Kozma → Kożma → Koźma
Yaroszewski → Jaroszewski

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