Cemetery Transcriptions from Minersville, PA

There are partial transcriptions of three Minersville cemeteries here. First, there's a transcription of a few names from Saints Peter & Paul Greek Catholic Cemetery. Second, there's a transcription of the abandoned cemetery of St. George's. Third, there's three different (and complementary) transcriptions of St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church Cemetery.

A lot of the names in these transcriptions derive from creative transliterations of the original European version. You might also find this list of Americanized versions of Bukowsko Triangle names helpful, even though it is not complete.

If you are a genealogist researching any of these names, you're in luck! Many of these names come from the Bukowsko Triangle and are being actively researched by those of us on the Bukowsko Triangle mailing list. It is free and you might even meet some cousins there. Come join us!