Pobiedno Banns 1866, Volume 29B

For the villages of Pobiedno, Markowce, Jędryszkowce, Pisarowce and Dudyńce

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

There are more Pobiedno records elsewhere on this site.

These records can now be found in the Rzeszów branch of the Polish Civil Archives in Sanok listed as Zespol 529, Sygn 1.

Though marriage banns are really church records these were located in the Urząd Stanu Cywilnego in Bukowsko so they are considered to be civil records.

Even though the Marriage records for 1866 from this book have been indexed, they do not necessarily have matching Marriage Bann records so check the Marriage index as well. The original records contain much more information than is presented here including place of birth and parent’s names.

Women’s surnames were spelled using the nominative masculine endings; -ska is -ski and -cka is -cki. So if you are looking for a woman with the surname Lisowska, search on Lisowski.

Many of the original records include house numbers.

If the father’s name is missing that should indicate that the groom or bride was illegitimate.

If a widow remarried, she was listed by her first married name, not her maiden name; to obtain her maiden name you will need to view the original record.

As a rule, widows and widowers who remarried usually did so within a few years, even months, after their spouse’s death.

If a bride is listed as a widow, check earlier records for her first marriage. The records often included the widows’ or widowers’ first spouses’ names.

Some grooms and brides were Greek Catholic. This is indicated in the original record.

Thank you to Sharon Turnas for transcribing and translating these records.

If you would like information on how to obtain copies of the original image of a record, please contact Debbie Greenlee.

  Groom Bride
Record Name Age Village Name Age Village
Original Record Page 13
1 Jan Ziemienicki 32 Pisarowce Katarzyna Haduch 30 Pisarowce
2 Jan Solon 26 Pobiedno Marianna Pisaniak 24 Pobiedno
3 Wojciech Posadzki 31 Pisarowce Tekla Raita 27 Czerteż
4 Mikołaj Barniak 29 Markowce Julianna Lisowski 27 Markowce
5 Wojciech Uczeń 45 Pisarowce Katarzyna Posadzki 42 Pisarowce
Original Record Page 14
6 Michał Adamski 31 Pobiedno Katarzyna Szorek 16 Pobiedno
7 Ignacy Muszyński 27 Pobiedno Ewa Gerla 20 Pobiedno
8 Jakub Borda 29 Pisarowce Agata Jakubowski 22 Pisarowce
9 Michał Haduch 18 Pisarowce Katarzyna Sieczkowski 16 Pisarowce
10 Walenty Więcak 32 Jędryszkowce Marianna Haduch 32 Pisarowce
Original Record Page 15
11 Stanisław Wierzbicki 32 Pisarowce Solomea Wróblewski 20 Pisarowce
12 Maciej Breyta 28 Pobiedno Marianna Pisaniak 28 Pobiedno


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