Genealogy is a hobby for me that has taken on much more importance to me than I ever expected it to, and that's a pleasant surprise. It has introduced me to distant places, interesting people and new perspectives. Some of the information I've collected is specific to my family and some of it is of general interest like my section on maps. It has taken me years to collect all of this and I expect it will take me years to put it all on the Web as well. Meanwhile, I'm still collecting...

What's Here

General Interest Bukowsko Triangle Miscellany Wolica (Волиця, Volytsia) Bukowsko

Special thanks to Debbie Greenlee for contributing almost all of these and many other records.

Wola Sękowa (Wola Senkowa, Воля Сенькова, Volia Sen’kova) Wola Piotrowa (Воля Петрова, Volia Petrova) Przybyszów (Прибишів, Prybyshiv) Nagórzany (Нагоряни) Nadolany Nowotaniec (Новотанець, Novotanets’, ד בנוביטַניץ', Novitanitz) Karlików (Карликів, Karlykiv) Dudyńce and Pobiedno Pobiedno Dudyńce Zawadka Morochowska Rzepedz (Реп'ядь) Mokre Wysoczany Zarszyn Pielnia Płonna Kamienne Szczawne Wisłok Wielki Zboiska Minersville, Pennsylvania, USA

Minersville was a common destination for people emigrating from the Bukowsko Triangle.

Jaworzno, Poland Personal Miscellaneous

More Surnames And Their Location


My grandparents were all born in Galicia which has had its map redrawn quite a few times in the last 150 years. In addition there was quite a mix of people living there and thus a mix of languages. This all makes places a little hard to identify sometimes. In the cases where a town's name has changed or it has had multiple names, I've tried to indicate both.

This information is being slowly expanded to a more complete form here.