Wola Sȩkowa Records

This is a collection of records for Wola Sękowa (also known as Sękowa Wola and Wola Senkowa), Poland. Wola Jaworowa is sometimes considered part of Wola Sękowa, so Wola Jaworowa records are mixed in here too.

Bukowsko Triangle member Larry Bell has contributed three items related to Wola Sȩkowa.

Bukowsko Triangle member Debbie Greenlee has also contributed some records with the help of Larry Bell.

These sets of Greek Catholic records are in two volumes. The first covers 1815 - 1843, 1845 - 1851, and 1913; the second covers 1868 - 1884 and 1910 - 1912.

All of these sets of Roman Catholic records cover approximately 1900 - 1946.