Nowotaniec Banns 1822 - 1951, Nowotaniec Roman Catholic Parish, old województwo Krosno

The following records were compiled by Debbie Greenlee. She is the owner and author of this page.

The accompanying databases are indexes to the Nowotaniec Roman Catholic church marriage banns covering 1822 - 1951, Volumes 1 - 5 and 8. I digitally photographed the records in Nowotaniec and I hold the copyright on the digital images of these records.

Please note that Volume 3 covering 1850 - 1872 has been lost. To my knowledge, it simply does not exist.

If you would like digital copies of any records in these books, please contact Debbie Greenlee for information.

Even if your family lived in another village it wouldn't hurt to check these Nowotaniec Marriage Banns as there are many people from different villages found here. If your family was Greek Catholic don't ignore any Roman Catholic records, as couples intermarried often.

Some pages duplicate the record numbers from the previous page. The original pages in Volumes 1, 2 and 4 were not numbered.

There are some question marks in these transcriptions/translations. For a period of a few years it appears that the bride and groom actually wrote their information in the record. This is one reason why there are so many question marks in Volume 5; so many different handwriting samples.

Volume 2 was severely damaged by fire. The pages were apparently taped in an attempt to preserve them but many grooms' and brides' names could not be read. Consequently there are a lot of question marks in this volume.

In some cases we were unable to read the birth village. You will have to figure it out if you order the record.

Generally, these records were very difficult to read. I would sincerely appreciate being notified if you find that something has been transcribed incorrectly or if you can add information to a transcription.

Surname Helps

The surname Kozma will be found spelled as Kożma and Koźma so check both spellings.

The surname Gac will be found spelled as Gac and Gać.

The surname Wielgosz will be found spelled as Wielgoś, Wielgos and Wielgosz.

The surname Rajchel will be found spelled as Raychel, Rajchel and Reichel.

Some surnames that end with 'owski' might be found ending in 'oski'.

If your surname is spelled with a "J", and you can not find the name in the indexes, substitute the letter "Y" and search again. Early grammar dictated the use of the letter "Y" instead of a "J". Maiden names ending in 'ska and cka' are listed as 'ski/cki' in the index.

There is one surname that only appeared three times in Vol. IV. Not only was it spelled differently in the records, it was difficult to read. We transcribed the name was Hłistiak and Hłystiak.

Thank you to Larry Bell, Barbara Cozine, Jurek Ćwiąkała, Kathy Folk, Janet George, Roman Kaluzniacki, Sharon Turnas, John Zlotek, Jean-Claude Zytka, Andrzej Mandat and Philip Semanchuk for your help in transcribing these records.

If you have any questions or corrections please contact Debbie Greenlee.

Transcription © 2020 Deborah Greenlee; no claim made to original records. Used at this website by express permission. All other rights reserved.