Please note that I only speak English and Swedish (not a very useful combination for travelling in Poland and Ukraine!) so that any interviews mentioned here were conducted through an interpreter.

  1. The records at which in turn are compiled from a number of sources.
  2. A personal interview with my cousin who in turn got the story from an eyewitness to the event.
  3. A personal interview with someone who personally experienced the event in question.
  4. A topographical map published by the Polish government.
  5. The church record book for the Greek Catholic parish of Wolica from the Bukowsko civil archives. The 1800s records of this book are online. The title on the binding:
    Wolica / Zboiska
    Ratnawica / Bełchówka
    1867 - 1884, 1914 - ???
  6. Ellis Island records either from the online Ellis Island database or from the same records available from the National Archives of the USA.
  7. Firsthand information.
  8. Records in the National Archive in Sanok, Poland.
  9. My Mom.
  10. Death certificates issued by the state of Pennsylvania.
  11. Ronald Hackimer, a cousin of my mother's.
  12. Rudolf Kramer and Mary Hackimer's marriage application.
  13. Ronald Hackimer's research into US census records.
  14. Ronald Hackimer's research into Philadelphia port records.
  15. Mary Hackimer's application for and certificate of naturalization.
  16. Valentine Hackimer's application for naturalization.
  17. Ortsfamilienbücher for Neudorf-by-Drohobych 1784-1854.
  18. Ortsfamilienbücher for Brigidau 1783-1854.
  19. Ortsfamilienbücher for Bolechów 1800-1859.
  20. A modern (20th century) book of Greek Catholic in the civil archive in Bukowsko, Poland. I have photos of the records referenced; the records are written in Cyrillic.
  21. Letters from Aleksander Bednarz, grandson of Anna Semańczyk.
  22. An interview with Maria Szklar (nee Semańczyk), daughter of Stefan Semańczyk.
  23. Letters from Maria Szklar (nee Semańczyk), daughter of Stefan Semańczyk.
  24. An interview with Helen McIntrye (nee Semanchuk), daughter of Michał Semańczyk.
  25. A tombstone in St. Nick's Cemetery in Minersville, PA.
  26. Liber Natorum Nagórzany from the church books in Nowotaniec.
  27. A tombstone in Wolica, Poland.
  28. A. Fastnacht (Osadnictwo ziemi sanockiej w latach 1340-1650, Wroclaw 1962)
  29. W. Makarski (Nazwy miejscowości dawnej ziemi sanockiej, Lublin 1986)
  30. Akta grodzkie i ziemskie z Archiwum Bernardyńskiego t.I-XXV, Lwów 1868-1935
  31. Rekopisy Archiwum-Diecezialnego w Przemyslu t.VI, 1963 s.89-93; t.XII, 1966 s.57: t. XXIV, 1972, s.248-268
  32. Liber Natorum Pielnia, Nowotaniec (Greek-Catholic)
  33. July 1895 manifest for the SS Switzerland, entering Philadelphia.
  34. 1910 Cass Township Census records from the Pottsville, PA library.
  35. Bukowsko Births 1893 - 1940, Bukowsko gmina.
  36. Wolica Parish records 1914 - 1933, Bukowsko gmina.
  37. Operation Wisła documents that I saw in the Sanok Civil Archive.
  38. Marriage Banns Vol. III, 1899-1935, Bukowsko gmina.